Short-Term Rental Controversy

Lakefront communities throughout the northern counties have been subject to the short-term rental of “cabins” by private landowners.  Is this a commercial actitivty? Should it be regulated? Is it permitted by zoning ordinances?  Should it be permitted without special licensing?  The list of concerns are great.  The issue has arisen in large part from an economy that is forcing some second-home owners to seek additional revenue to taxes and maintenance.  Neigbors, however, subject to the whims and behaviors of short-term visitors/tourists are not happy.  The following reports show what’s being done:

WCRPA-Open Letter
WCRPA-Complaint Form
WCRPA-Membership Form
WCRPA-Press Release 
WCRPA-Press Release 
Duluth Approach to Short-Term Rentals

On-going Initiatives

Hunting/Fishing Fee Appeal:A formal request for a greater variety of licenses directed to seasonal residents/senior-seasonal residents.
Seasonal Residents Bill of Rights: This paper combines a number of seasonal resident “issues” in the form of a manifesto of sorts around which to rally.
DNR proposal:This sets forth the argument that nonresident landowners are not “nonresidents” and should be entitiled to a new category of recreational fees.
Hunting & Fishing Survey:Formal research of Wisconsin citizens on their attitude towards nonresident landowner recreational fees.
UW Tuition Proposal:Recommendations to members on ways to deal with nonresident tuition fees.